HCC President Engages Ghana’s Youth on Yfm

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President of Heritage Christian (University) College, Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah on Friday engaged a multitude of young people who form the bulk of the audience of Ghana’s number 1 Urban Youth Station, YFm. The President spoke on ‘The Distinctiveness of Heritage Christian (University) College’.
YFM broadcasts across the golden triangle of Ghana’s largest cities Accra(107.9), Kumasi (102.5) and Takoradi(97.9) focusing on issues that engage the minds of young people.
Dr. Twumasi-Ankrah (who described himself as also “young at heart”) connected to the young people on the subject matter of quality education. Ghana’s tertiary education landscape is replete with several universities, polytechnics and other providers of higher education. Every year, over 30,000 graduates of these institutions transit into the “world of work” with no work to do. The economy is not expanding as rapidly to open up employment opportunities for these teeming graduates. According to the Ghana Living Standards Survey Report of 2016, about 48% of the youth (below 35 years) are unemployed. This has caused some of these frustrated young people to form the ‘Unemployed Graduates Association’.
With these glaring facts, HCC President was forthright in providing the solution that Heritage Christian University College offers to its students: Entrepreneurship Training for all students. He noted that through the Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Ethics (CEPE) and the HCC Incubator System, students are guided to develop their ideas into viable businesses.
Dr. Twumasi-Ankrah also underscored the importance of moulding students to have values of honesty, integrity, love, hardwork, professionalism to stem the tide of corruption that has plagued Ghana, leading to the loss of huge amounts of resources that could be channeled into revamping the economy.
Finally, President touched on Tuition Scholarships for all students, free sign language training and the emphasis on e-learning as  some distinctive features of HCC education.
The show was hosted by the youth-sensation, Trigmatic, who himself became so attracted to the HCC brand and is considering doing some courses at HCC and also becoming an ambassador for HCC.