HCC Students Explore The Capabilities Of 3D Printing And Farming Automation Using Farmbot

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For this summer, 18 students are participating in the 2018 business internship with the Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Ethics (CEPE), a unit of Heritage Christian University College. They have been assigned three major tasks which are:
1) Learn to install, use, maintain and develop a business concept for the 3D Printer;
2) Learn to install, use, maintain and develop a business concept for the FarmBot;
3) Build a plant to recycle all the plastic waste at HCC.
Their project is constrained by time and budget and they are required to make optimum use of available resources. After 4 weeks, the students have fully installed the 3D printer and have printed several 3D designs. They have presented a business concept to the CEPE for evaluation. They have also designed a plant to shred plastics and are in the process of fabricating the plant to start its operations.
This week, they will focus their attention on the installation of the FarmBot. Before the FarmBot became operational, students planted seeds on the available land using the existing manual planting process. The idea is for them to fully appreciate the benefits of FarmBot in automating the farming process and boost their confidence to search for innovative ways to scale up the activities of the FarmBot.
They have 6 weeks more to go. We wish them all the best in their projects.

HCC Students Setting up FarmBot, A Robot for Farming