Online Application FAQs

How much is application fee ?

Fee for applying to HCC is GHS100 for Ghanaian students and $100 for foreign students

How can I apply to HCC ?

Application to HCC is done online using our Online Admission System. You need a PIN and Serial Number to be able to log on the the system and submit your application.

How can I get a PIN and Serial Number to apply ?

Application PIN and Serial Number pairs can be purchased online at You can buy for your transaction using a Visa card or MTN Mobile Money

How can I get PIN and Serial Number after payment ?

Once you complete the online purchase using Visa card or MTN Mobile Money, we will send your PIN and Serial Number via SMS and Email. We will also display them on your payment confirmation page.

What if I don’t have a Visa card ?

Don’t worry, you can still buy a PIN and Serial Number online using MTN Mobile Money. Log on to and you will be given the option to pay with Mobile Money. Alternatively, you can also ask your parents or anyone to assist you use their Visa Card for payment.

Can I login with my PIN multiple times ?

Yes, you can login later to complete your application. After submitting your  application, you can login with your PIN to check your application status at a later time.

What if I lost my PIN and Serial Number ?

We are currently not able to replace lost PINs. So we urge you to keep your PIN and Serial Number safe to prevent any inconveniences.