PhD Candidate University of South Africa (UNISA)
PgCert. Advance Computer Systems Development (Scotland)
MSc Industrial Mathematical Modelling (England)
BSc(hons.) Mathematics (Ghana)
Certificate in C++ Programming (Ghana)

Research Areas
Computational Science, particularly Applied Mathematics & Computing.
I am interested in Computational Science, for which I apply principles from Computational Intelligence and Dynamical systems. I enjoy solving practical problems using Computer Models, Evolutionary Computing, Operations Research, Uncertain Systems and Web Programming. I am particularly enthused by the vision of ubiquitous integration of Applied Mathematics and Computing in Industry and I seek to facilitate the development of solutions for practical problems, especially in the industrial areas of Transportation, Telecommunication, and Finance.

Core competence in lectures
Applied Mathematics, Computer Programming & Simulations

Professional Association
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

1. Lartey, J. D (Apr 2014); Predicting traffic congestion: a queuing perspective, Open Journal of Modelling & Simulation, 2, 57-66.
2. Lartey, J. D (Jan 2014); The cost of waiting: a queuing perspective, Globus Journal.
3. Lartey, J. D (Mar 2013); Modelling & simulation of traffic flow, PhD Proposal, UNISA (accepted)
4. Lartey, J. D (Jun 2002); Transient Exhaust Temperatures; Master of Science Dissertation, Loughborough University.
5. Lartey, J. D (Jul 2001); Numerical and Analytical Exploration of Airy’s Equation: Using Mathcad,
6. Bachelor of Science (Hons) Dissertation, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST)