PhD, Arizona State University, Business Administration, 2006
MS, University of Central Texas, Management Science, 1986
BS, University of Arkansas, Chemical Engineering, 1980


PhD. Information Systems, Arizona State University Academic Profile – ASU (PhD), UCT (MS), UofA (BSChE) Industry Experience – Mobil Oil/Petrochemicals, Dow R&D, Union Carbide, Phillips Petroleum, Stauffer Chemical Professional Experience – Process Engineer, Systems Engineer, TQM Manager, QPI/Change Manager
Expertise and Repertoire

Enterprise Information Systems, Systems Analysis, Business Process Improvement and Integration

Books and Publications

Jeong, S., Burton, O., & Saini, K. Identifying Sources of Workplace Spirituality, Abilene , Academy of Management 2016 Conference
Jeong, S., Burton, O., & Saini, K. Identifying Sources of Workplace Spirituality, Abilene , Academy of Management 2016 Conference
Burton, O., & Pope, D. (2012) Winds of Change at Measurement Equipment Supply Company, Inc., Journal of Case Studies
Santanam, R., Sinha, R., Vinze, A., & Burton, O. (2009) Willingness to Pay in an Open Source Software Environment, Information Systems Research
Burton, O., Ipe, M., Chen, H., Raghu, T., Ramesh, R., Vinze, A., & Zeng, D. (2007) Challenges for Bioterrorism Preparedness in Public Health Decision Processes and Resources, United Kingdom , Elsevier Science

Scholarly Presentations

Burton, O., & Nyandoro, A. (2016) A DESIGN THINKING APPROACH TO ASSESSING ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA, Christian Scholars Conference, Nashville TN, 2016
Burton, O., Saini, K., & Weaver, J. (2015) PERSONAL SPIRITUALITY FOR CREATIVITY: A CHRISTIAN AND HINDU PERSPECTIVE, ESADE Spirituality and Creativity Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 2015
Burton, O., & Brister, J. (2012) Restoring Public Trust through Women in their Natural Role as Manager and Entrepreneur, Nashville, Tennessee, 2012
Burton, O., Raghu, T., Sinha, R., & Vinze, A. (2003) Software Piracy: An Empirical Examination of the Impact of Network Externalities and Open Source Alternatives on Willingness to Pay, Tampa, Florida, 2003

Church Membership

Churches of Christ

Professional Service

Management, Spirituality & Religion, Editor, Associate Editor, 2016 – 2016
Management, Spirituality & Religion, Editor, Journal Editor, 2015 – 2017
Academy of Management MSR DIG, Chairperson, 2014 – present
SAP University Alliance, Board of Advisors of a Company, 2014 – present
Organizational Communications for Information Systems, Reviewer, Conference Paper, 2015 – 2015

Community Service

New Beginnings, Other, 2014 – 2015
United by Faith, Member, 2012 – 2015
Wylie Church of Christ, Member, 2008 – 2015
Temple/Belton Christian School, Committee Chair, 1998 – 1998

Campus Service

Adobe Analytics Challenge Evaluation, Faculty Advisor, 2016 – 2016
General Ed Review, Task Force Member, 2015 – 2015
Faculty Senate, Committee Member, 2011 – 2012
Association of Information Systems Student Chapter, Faculty Advisor, 2009 – 2014
Research Committee, Committee Member, 2015 – present