About HCC Library

The HCC Library is the main pivot around which academic life revolves within the university community.

The HCC Library has a very effective selection and acquisition system, which is done in consultation with the faculty that makes it possible to have a balanced collection of books/materials that best fit all disciplines offered by the University College. The Library has an extensive collection of books, periodicals as well as electronic resources provided through the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries Ghana (CARLIGH).

One distinctive feature of the HCC Library is the existence of an electronic library (E-library) which complements the use of print materials. The E-library is made up of two virtual libraries: the textbook library and the reference library. These two virtual libraries contain Kindle books which are used by faculty and students to support teaching, learning and Research. Electronic books that are classified as reference books are books that are beneficial for occasional reference by library users while the textbook library contains books that have been recommended as the reading list for the courses taken by students and are consulted regularly by students.  The E- textbooks are assigned to students and accessible on their Kindle readers run on their laptops and iPads.

Periodicals are also available in the library to keep the university community up to speed with contemporary issues.

The Library anticipates and responds to the faculty and students’ research and learning needs by providing a congenial atmosphere for studies as well as the information necessary for effective teaching, learning and research.

To position the HCC library as a key facility that ensures academic excellence and success.

To create, preserve and provide access to relevant world-class scholarly information and knowledge resources that fosters academic achievement.