About SRC

The SRC has grown to embrace a lot more responsibilities and is now considered a development partner.
The HCC SRC is concerned with all aspects of student welfare at HCC. It also oversees the operations of academic, cultural, religious, political, and departmental associations of students. It also connects students with organizations outside of the classroom.
When a person registers as a student at Heritage Christian College, he or she automatically becomes a member of the SRC. Therefore, all students are eligible and encouraged to participate in one or more of the various programs and events of the SRC. 
The SRC at HCC is a member of the Private University Students Association of Ghana (PUSAG), the Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS), and the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), which coordinates all aspects of students’ activities both nationally and internationally. Currently the SRC also wants to join University Students Association of Ghana (USAG).
SRC has a representation on University Council Boards/Committees that deal with student welfare.
*Aims and objectives* 
~The SRC prioritizes the interests and welfare of the student body in general and the University in particular.
~They act as the spokesperson of the University’s entire student body. 
~The SRC
represents students’ interests to university authorities. 
~The SRC also promotes good relations between University students and the rest of the world by collaborating with other student organizations.

Functions of the SRC



The functions of the SRC shall include but not limited to:
  • Serving as a mouthpiece of the entire student body of this University
  • Representing the student body in and outside the University campus.
  • Seeking the interest and welfare of the student body of this University.
  • Being responsible for the planning and coordination of major social, cultural, recreational and intellectual activities of the students in this University.
  • Cooperating with Students’ Representative bodies of other universities and institutions of higher learning in the country and abroad in matters of mutual interest.
  • Maintaining the right academic atmosphere for students of this university to pursue their studies and encourage the organizing of seminars by halls/hostels and or academic bodies.
  • Appointing sub-committees and ad-hoc committees to promote or manage the affairs of the student body.
  • Ensuring and maintaining Christ-like behavior among students