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Business Administration

The programs of SBL are generally driven on modern business systems and information, which is a current drive in the development of academic, business and professional excellence. The school is one of the current academic specialties being developed in HCC to shape students with modern business and applied knowledge.

Theology & Ministry

The study of theology is the faithful, transformative quest to understand the character and story of the Triune God. To this end we offer a program of study oriented toward holistic maturity—how we think, how we feel, and how we act—so that our ethics, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and global competence can bring blessing in our communities. And at HCC we want all students, regardless of their course of study, to become wise participants in God’s reconciling ways in the world.

Information Technology

The Degree of ICT has two threads of emphasis. One is on basic network skills and the other is on software development but with an emphasis on web-centric development and client-server architectures. These skill areas are fundamental to computing today. In addition, we understand that the field of ICT evolves at a very fast rate.

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Message From The President of HCC

Thank you for visiting our website; it gives me great pleasure to say that studying at HCC has a distinctive bent and promising future. As a Christian institution of higher learning, HCC aims at promoting transformative education through active engagement in scholarship, professionalism and creative pursuits in entrepreneurship. The highlights of HCC mission include entrepreneurship, ethics and philanthropy, global competence and servant leadership.

At HCC, students live and learn in a manifestly Christ-centered environment; our faculty guide students to excel in knowledge and skills, and we make it our goal to enhance the total well-being of students.

Another distinctive feature of HCC is that year after year, students are presented with the opportunity to learn under the feet of some of the world’s renowned authors, entrepreneurs, Computer & IT experts. 

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Take a tour in HCUC and you will find the best university for your studies. This video will take you to every place in this university.

Our Unique Advantage
Our Distinctiveness

Entrepreneurship training

One Student, One Laptop

Scholarships for all students

Christ-centered environment

Global Competence

Our graduates and faculty, irrespective of their academic specialization, will have strong skills in the use of:

iPads, Laptops, Tablets,

Many network tools,

Server technologies and network storage devices,

Use of technology to do work beyond just rudimentary skills,

How to create and distribute material they develop in their work without paper,

How to use a library that utilizes electronic books (90% of HCC’s library is paperless), etc.


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HCC is grateful to Prof. Evertt and Dr. Ileene Huffard, Consultants from the USA who came to spend four months with Management, Staff, Faculty Members, Students, and Heritage Bible Institute as well as Preachers to sharpen their skills in various areas. 

Prof. Evertt Huffard is an Emeritus Professor of Leadership and Missions at Harding School of Theology. May God bless them for all their insights and inspiration. 

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