Our Core Values


HCC strives to prepare students to embrace three core values which are integrally woven into the curriculum of each degree.
They are:

  1. Entrepreneurship – the knowledge, skills, demeanor and interest in creating businesses in Ghana and other countries that offer good jobs to growing numbers of employees, rewards the entrepreneur and which lead to the fulfillment of the other two core values.
  2. Philanthropy – the ability to “give back” to society and the Kingdom of God. Students are encouraged to learn that all blessings come from God and are God’s. We are to be custodians of the gifts and use them to His purposes. As such, we expect all HCC graduates to contribute back to HCC, their churches or communities and to the needs of society in a responsible way.
  3. Ethics – all of the above mentioned values are to be expressed within a Christian Worldview and Ethic. Humans are created by God to be reflections of His glory. As redeemed children of God, we do all things with a clear understanding and appreciation for God’s desire for all of us to be holistically coherent in all we do; to live as He would expect us to live and behave.