The Students’ Representative Council at Heritage Christian College (HCC) believes that our success is built on the success of our students. We place a premium on our capacity to attract and develop great people who are technically proficient, believe in the HCC vision and mission, and embrace our Core Values (Ethics, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, and Global Competence) first and foremost. We believe we can be the school of choice because of the role the vital SRC plays.
We create and use a systematic strategy to approach and solve student concerns. SRC’s success has been built on a foundation of strong core skills and a desire to innovate.
One of our greatest assets is our capacity to follow up on students’ problems and provide feedback– our dynamic atmosphere allows us to encourage students to participate in the Council’s and the school’s activities.
SRC has been a beacon for innovation for more than five years. We foster a supportive environment that empowers students to thrive and accomplish extraordinary outcomes. We also promote a forward-thinking environment that promotes student success. Our objectives cannot be met if there are no students, because we are there for a specific reason: to help students.
We also serve as the mouthpiece for all students in addition to working and being available to them. We excel in improving various aspects of life, whether through theoretical or practical education, formal or informal education. We’re redefining what’s possible, building on our reputation as student leaders who make major contributions to society.

Cornelius Mensah