I have adopted two adinkra symbols to be my pillars that strengthens me in my weak moment, which is “Gye Nyame (Except God.  It expresses the supremacy of God in all affairs)” and Nyame Nwu Na Mawu (God won’t die for me to die. It is a symbol expressing the immortality of the human soul, expressing faith in God to preserve one’s soul)”.

It is with great pride, honour, and a sense of duty that I embrace the mantle of leadership to lead the Student Representative Council.

I receive this mantle and baton in the symbolism of a new journey ahead; a race to meet the expectations of the student body who have through their overwhelming support and vote, reposed confidence in myself and other executives, to steer the affairs of this noble council for the next academic year.

This is not a position that I take lightly, neither do I count the electoral victory as the end of the battle.

As I mentioned and emphasized throughout my campaign, this is the dawn of a new era; an era to make the SRC powerful, new initiatives, and an open-door policy with the view to ensuring that student body of HCC have the best of experiences as we get trained to be compassionate and ethical leaders, in the bid to contribute to knowledge, society and above all, the development of a better Ghana.

The new era that beckons are one of engagement and involvement; along with my team, we shall dialogue with HCC community in pursuit of the interest of the community. This is the only way that the change we seek can be brought about and every member of this community has a unique role to play. As a leader, I do not pride myself to be a repository of knowledge and all ideas; I am merely a servant appointed to represent the larger student body and channel their ideas into tangible reality. This is the task I have accepted, and this is the journey that awaits my team and me. Thank you for the support and confidence you have placed in me. I will not let you down. May God Bless the Student body, May God bless the HCC Community and May God bless our Motherland Ghana……..Thank you.

Gilbert Tetteh