Tips to Searching on Google effectively

Nowadays, you can find virtually anything you are looking for with a simple Google search, and I know you do that a lot.
But sometimes, the search outcome can be cluttered and confusing. The results can be so plentiful and if you are unlucky, they may have little or nothing to do with the subject you are searching for.
However, by using a few tricks you can eliminate many of the distracting non-relevant outcomes and find relevant information for that assignment or report.
Here are some tips for searching well on Google.
  • When searching for an explicit phrase or group of words, enclose them in quotation marks.

A search for “home appliances” will show a list of pages containing that same and exact phrase.

  • When searching for multiple words use a plus (+) sign

Typing work+happiness will show pages that contain both of the words job and happiness, even if they are not positioned on the same line. But both words must be located somewhere on the page in order for that result to be added to your results list.

  • When searching for a single website, use the site: command

Typing “Alex” or even “Alex” will list pages only from the hcuc website, i.e.

  • When searching, you can exclude specific words by using the minus (-) sign
Typing cars -toyota will keeps page with toyota on them form listing up in your search results.
  • When searching, you can include synonyms in your results by using the approximate (~) symbol
Typing the words ~corn will show results in a list of pages containing the word corn as well as its synonyms (maize, etc.)
(NB: The ~ symbol is located above the Tab key on most keyboards)
  • When searching, you can confine your search to specific file types by using the filetype: modifier
Searching for annual report:pdf will show nothing, but pdf files related to annual report.
You can search for any file type you wish just by plugging in the applicable extension
  • When searching for word meanings, use the define command
Type define:heritage and you will be provided with the dictionary definition of the word heritage
I hope you find this few Google search tips handy. It is amazing what Google can do for us and to us. We need to keep learning more every day.