Department of Accounting and Finance

Welcome To Our Department

We welcome you to HCC and to the Department of Accounting and Finance in the School of Business and Leadership. We run two programmes namely BBA Accounting and BBA Banking and Finance. The focus of the department is to give off the best in the area of Accounting, Banking and Finance. This involves bringing out quality students by challenging their outputs through assignments, case studies and oral presentations. Students are brought up to appreciate current trends in their various programme areas and are also encouraged to be problem solvers. Typically students are trained to think of creating jobs and for that reason employ others also. Above all, students are encouraged to start professional examinations (eg CG Ghana) while in school.

Students offering programmes in the department have the prospects of being employed in accounting firms, banks, finance companies, the stock exchange, brokerage firms and all areas where the services of accounting and finance professionals are needed.   


Dr. Victor Boadu
Head of Department, Accounting and Finance

Programme Structure

BSc. Business Administration

Banking and Finance (Option)

BSc. Business Administration

Accounting (Option)


The rationale of this program is to offer programs that prepare business majors at a bachelor degree level who intend to pursue careers in business or who intend to pursue professional status and/or progress their studies towards Masters and PhD degrees. We strategically have selected both public and private sector and entrepreneurial business as the target hiring firms. In either context, they will be prepared to help with business requirements. All business graduates of HCC are expected to also be technology literate, know how to apply and manage technology and work with IT professionals in private and public organizations. The Business IT Management program seeks to bridge the communication gap between IT and strategic business management. All graduates of HCC are also expected to understand how to help their communities.

Department Lecturers

The program provides several courses that will help students develop the positive attitude towards community development.