School of Human Development

As our name goes, we are here to help develop the human potential of students.  In this school we provide opportunities for all students at Heritage through the training and equipping them with the general knowledge and skills necessary for the world of work.  We provide the space for all students to be exposed to critical thinking and reflection.  We provide opportunities for students to acquire knowledge about the world around us and in the distant past.  Although this knowledge may not be directly related to one’s primary programme of study, it is meant to prepare students for the world of work after your studies here.  We also equip students with the requisite knowledge in communication and media studies as well as hands on practice in the media industry today.  Our students in the area of theology are given global education that makes them ready for ministry, in pastoral or chaplaincy settings.

As you come to Heritage, we are here to help you reach your maximum potential.  Thus we are available to give you all the necessary help that you may need to find your way and get your feet firmly established in this tertiary educational institution.  Do not hesitate to approach us in the School and we are ready to give all the necessary help you may need.

Welcome to Heritage!


Dr. Nathan Bills
Dean, School of Human Development


Department of Theology

Are you interested in pursuing this programme?

Admission to HCC is competitive, but the admission process is a personal one. Each application is reviewed holistically to understand the strength of each student’s academic preparation including their performance on final exams, counselor recommendations, and their personal career interests. We seek applicants from a variety of geographic, social, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.