IT Support

The IT Support Unit under the Registry of HCC provides the Computer Services needed to facilitate teaching, learning and research in the university. The unit manages the IT Infrastructure, Systems, and Facilities in the school.

Some functions and services provided by the unit include:

  • Campus internet and wireless services
  • Administration of HCC university corporate email
  • Information Security implementation and enforcement
  • ICT End-User support
  • Computer hardware and servicing
  • Software installation and upgrade
  • Setup, support and maintenance of computer network infrastructure
  • Network storage and file sharing services
  • Application development and support
  • Online learning and multimedia system support
  • Digital library system support
  • ICT training seminars for HCC community
  • Development and implementation of ICT policies
  • ICT infrastructure and systems audit

Our goal is to resolve staff ICT challenges, address student’s ICT issues, support teaching, learning and other academic activities.

Alex Ansah
Head, IT Support 



Availability (8am – 5pm work hrs only)

Online Class Issues

Email Issues

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In Person Support

Location : Visit IT Support Office, 2nd Floor New Administration Block

Availability : Monday – Friday (8am – 5pm work hrs only)

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