Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs unit under the Registry of HCC is in charge of all Academic Information and Student records of the institution. The unit is interconnected with all departments, units and offices of HCC. we coordinate the activities of Students and Faculty whiles also providing advisory help to Guardians and Alumni. Activities and Services provided by the unit include:

  1. Academic Calendars

  2. Academic Policy Implementation

  3. Academic Records Request (Transcripts)

  4. Affiliation and Regulatory Compliance (GTEC & KNUST)

  5. Class Scheduling (Teaching Timetables)

  6. Enrolment Support and Services (Introductory Letter, Attestation, etc.)

  7. Examinations

  8. Resource Allocations (Teaching Aids and Materials)

  9. Registrations (Course/Examination/Resit)

  10. Students’ Data Report

Our goal is to provide excellent information and advice to students, faculty, parents and alums who connect with HCC

Dilys Dickson
Head, Academic Affairs


Academic Calendar



Student Support Services

Students Portal

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