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Welcome to the Department of Information Technology & Computing. Our primary roles are all aimed at helping students to become distinguished leaders in the realm of Information Technology & Computing. Our Christian faith and values serve as root-anchors to all we do. The Degree of ICT has two threads of emphasis. One is on basic network skills and the other is on software development but with an emphasis on web-centric development and client-server architectures. These skill areas are fundamental to computing today. In addition, we understand that the field of ICT evolves at a very fast rate. Consequently, two other items are critical to your experience and have been embedded into the Degree. First, you need to learn to learn. New skills are needed virtually every day. It is impossible to teach the breadth and depth of computing in a single Degree. However, we must and will prepare you to be a lifelong learner. This is imperative if you are to remain a desired employee or run a relevant IT business. Secondly, we will expose you to current topics of interest such as robotics, “Maker Lab devices such a 3D printers”, etc. The faculty and Department Head see it as their life goal in preparing you for success in your chosen career. We set high moral and academic standards for ourselves and for you because we expect the best. We are here to help and guide students in whatever way possible. So, please contact us with any questions or concerns and we will guide you to the best answers.


Dr. John Kani
Head of Department, Informatics
Dr. John Kani

Program Structure

BSc. Information Technology

Department Lecturers

Dr. John Kani

John Kani, Ph.D

Head, Informatics Dept. / Lecturer
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Dr. Paul Danquah

Paul Danquah, Ph.D

Dean, IT / Senior Lecturer
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Dr. Alexander Asmah

Alexander Asmah, Ph.D

Head, Business IT Dept. / Lecturer
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Miss. Dzifa Bibi

Dzifa Bibi

PhD Cadidate / Lecturer
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The philosophy and objectives of the programme fit into the mission and strategic plans of Heritage Christian College to be a centre of Excellence in Technology Development and Innovation, producing graduates in a variety of Information Technology related disciplines for the development of Ghana.