Department of Theology & Ministry

Welcome To Our Department

In the Theology and Ministry Department we seek to lead all students at HCC to know and participate in God’s mission to reconcile all things. We take seriously the charge to love God with all heart, soul, strength–and especially–mind. Our degree is designed to help shape mature Christ followers who join in God’s mission to bring wise, holistic leadership for God’s people, society, and creation through the power of the Spirit.  

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Albert Douglas Ofori
Head of Department, Theology & Ministry

Program Structure

B.A. Theology & Ministry


It is our aim that students who complete this degree will have the character and capability to lead in transformative flourishing for churches and faith-based organizations as well as to bring to bear a responsible and reasonable Christian faith in the marketplace of ideas. In addition, the programme is offered with strong recognition and promotion of HCC’s core values of conviction, character, creativity, compassion, community. Our students serve in a variety of positions such as church leadership and administration, mission, education, and chaplaincy. The programme also prepares graduates for further studies. Students, upon graduation, are equipped and expected to play an active role in catalyzing God-honoring opportunities that benefit their communities and creation.

Student Testimonials

Are you interested in pursuing this programme?

Admission to HCC is competitive, but the admission process is a personal one. Each application is reviewed holistically to understand the strength of each student’s academic preparation including their performance on final exams, counselor recommendations, and their personal career interests. We seek applicants from a variety of geographic, social, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

The program provides several courses that will help students develop the positive attitude towards community development.