Department of Theology

Welcome To Our Department

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Theology. As a Christian institution of higher learning all of our Degrees and support programs are built of a Christian worldview. We seek to help you understand your individual disciplines from a Christian perspective. We look forward to getting to know you personally in a collegial relationship in which you as our student body, our faulty, and our administration will be mutually blessed. Please be sure to contact any of our faculty should you need help with your studies or adjustment to college life. We are here to help you learn, grow, and mature in your respective disciplines.


Dr. Nathan Bills
Head of Department, Theology & Ministry

Program Structure

BSc. Theology


The rationale of this program is to offer a program that prepares theology majors at a bachelor degree level who intend to pursue careers in Ministry, Entrepreneurship or pursue professional status and/or progress their studies towards Masters and PhD degrees. As a Christian institution, we hope to use this program to effectively advance the Kingdom of Christ and foster national development.

As a distinctive feature, all theology graduates of HCC just as all other graduates are expected to gain a high level of literacy in technology, know how to apply, manage and use it effectively in the advancement of God’s kingdom.

All graduates of HCC are also expected to understand how to help their communities as such our program has been carefully designed with courses that will help students develop the positive attitude towards community development.