Origin of the Bluetooth name

This week, I want us to learn how the term Bluetooth cameabout.
As you might be aware, bluetooth is a wireless signal that connects smartphones to speakers, laptops, and other portable devices.
But where did the name Bluetooth come from? And why use such an odd name for a technology that made Infrared transfers obsolete.
It actually turns out the developers of Bluetooth chose the name for a specific reason.
In the 10th century, there was a king called Harald Gormsson of Denmark. The king was nicknamed “Bluetooth” apparently because he had a tooth that was so diseased that it turned blue. This can be a gory picture to perceive, but it is relevant to the discovery of the name “Bluetooth”.
Other than the color of his bad tooth, king Bluetooth had great success at uniting several tribes and factions together. As a result, he came to be recognized as a uniter.
At a meeting between Intel, Nokia and Erickson to discuss the standardization of the short-range connective technology we now know as Bluetooth, they ultimately settled on that name when one of them said, we hope this technology will unite the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link.
Therefore, like king Herald Gormsson, the new wireless technology is designed to be a uniter, hence the name Bluetooth.
The logo for Bluetooth is actually the initials of king Harald Gormsson in another language.