Heritage Start-Up in Finals of MESTI Innovation Challenge

Mozola Smart Transport Ltd., an innovative business idea developed by Heritage students, has made it to the finals of the MESTI Innovation Challenge 2024.

Out of 445 business ideas that began the competition, 50 finalists have emerged after 4 stages of screening, pitching and testing.

The Challenge is a Public Sector Reform for Results Project under the auspices of the Office of the Senior Presidential Advisor for the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI). The World Bank-funded initiative has between $50,000 and $100,000 up for grabs by each of the winning teams. The aim is to promote innovative technologies and business ideas to accelerate development in Ghana.

In 2021, two Heritage students, Confidence Akaponi and Lydia Horsu, developed a business idea called Mozola Smart Transport Ltd, to provide a technology platform to serve transport operators and passengers. The idea was adjudged the best idea in the Heritage Start-Up Challenge 2021 and won a grant of GHC35,000.

Now, Mozola Smart Transport Ltd. is facing off competition for funding to roll out the technology.
The Project Lead for Mozola Smart Transport Ltd., Confidence Akaponi, who graduated from Heritage in 2023 with BBA Marketing, is optimistic the project will get funding to materialize.

The entire Heritage Community wishes the team the very best. We commend the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Ethics (CEPE) of Heritage Christian University College for its invaluable support, coaching and guidance in the process to ensure our team aces the MESTI Innovation Challenge.

A hallmark of Heritage is its huge emphasis on entrepreneurship development and innovation with technology. Since the beginning of the Heritage Start-Up Challenge in 2018, over 25 teams of students have been nurtured or supported with seed funding in excess of GHC500,000 to start their own businesses to stem the tide of graduate unemployment in the country.