Cornelius Mensah
0245487339 / 0507282766

Cornelius Mensah

SRC President


The SRC President is the university’s main voice for all students. He is also required to act only in the best interests of the entire student body, without regard for any sort of discrimination. 
His Excellency Cornelius Mensah is currently the SRC President at Heritage Christian College who is a Business Information Technology Management third-year student.
I am a goal-oriented, self-motivated, and resourceful individual with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience who has demonstrated the ability to build and strengthen management teams based on the values of good interpersonal relationships, hard work, and selfless service to others, as well as an action-oriented team player.


  • BBA. Business Information Technology Management


  • July 2021 Corporate Finance Institute USA - Certificate in Economics for Capital Markets
  • July 2021, International Forensic Institute, India - Certificate in Forensic Investigation
  • August 2021, European Open University, UK - Diploma in International Business Management
  • August 2021, Career Development College, London - Certificate in Email Marketing Basics
  • August 2021, Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian - Certificate in Basic Nutrition


  • Library Student Assistant, Heritage Christian College (2021 - present)
  • SRC PRO, Heritage Christian College (2020 -2021)
  • Academic Support Assistant, Heritage Christian College (2021)
  • Class Representative Level 100 (2019 - 2020)
  • School Prefect, St. James Academy (2007 - 2011)
  • CEO of Meco Group of Companies (in progress)
  • Awarded Certificate for teaching B.E.C.E candidates at Last Chance Academy (2017)
  • Group Coordinator, Fate Concepts (2018 - 2019)
  • Author of Meco Series Mathematics Pamphlet (2020)


  • Group Chair, Team Meco Centre of Innovation and Research
  • Member of Global Corporate Finance Society, USA
  • Member of International Business Organization, USA
  • Member of the Federation of International Trade Association, USA
  • I speak English, Twi and Krachi