The Deputy Managing Director of JK Horgle Transport & Company Ltd., the largest Ghanaian-owned petroleum transportation business in Ghana and West Africa, Ms. Elinam Horgli has advised young people not to be infected with the craze of starting everything anew as that has been a bane in the development of the country. Elinam Horgli was speaking on the programme, “Time with a Young Achiever” at Heritage Christian College, a university in Amasaman, Accra.


According to the Elinam, who manages a staff strength of over 700 people operating over 500 heavy duty vehicles, “Our number one problem as a country is lack of continuity. Just check the number of projects successive governments have abandoned because they didn’t start them. You don’t always have to start afresh. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, it is just a matter of continuing from where others have left off. That is the secret to my breakthrough. Many people say I am so lucky to have my father’s business to run. See, among all my father’s 11 children, I am the only one with his business now. Why? I wanted to continue his legacy. My grandmother was a seamstress but later she saw an opportunity to sell kerosene to her colleagues to use for their “bobo”(local lantern); my father continued in a similar business as a tanker driver and later got his own tankers; I have to take that business to the next level. Continuity is key!”


Being a multi-passionate innovator, Ms. Elinam Horgli is also the Managing Director of Eblah Trading and Advisory Limited, her own company that provides business, career and life coaching for businesses, entrepreneurs, employees, job seekers and young students. 

She holds MSc. in Innovation and Technology Management from the University of Bath, UK and BSc. in Information Technology from the University of Cape Coast. She won the Energy, Oil and Gas Category in the 40 Under 40 Awards organized by Xodus Communications in October 2021.


Elinam underscored the importance of faith, ethics, hard work, focus, I.T, people-skills in the success of business. She advised students to be willing to adjust to new environments, be trainable for new projects and be passionate about acquiring skills from any business willing to offer them that exposure as that will place them steps ahead of others.


She was impressed with the entrepreneurial initiatives of Heritage Christian College and the university’s emphasis on ethics, philanthropy and global competence, values she said are indispensable in today’s cut-throat world.

Source: Heritage Christian College www.hcuc.edu.gh