Two books, authored by two faculty members of Heritage Christian College (HCC), Dr. Paul Asante Danquah and Dr. Nathan Bills have been launched. Dr. Paul Asante Danquah, who is the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences and Technology of HCC, authored his maiden book titled “SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION AND SECURITY”. He said the book would assist students get first-hand knowledge on principles in system administration and security as there are not many books of that kind in the market. According to him, 200 copies of the book have been distributed to seven universities in Ghana at no cost, HCC being the first to receive its share of the copies.

The second book, “A THEOLOGY OF JUSTICE IN EXODUS” by Dr. Nathan Bills who is the Head of Theology Department, Heritage Christian College picks on the crucial topic of ‘justice’ in the church and society in general as portrayed in the Old Testament book of Exodus. This he believes, would change the narrative as far as portraying social justice in the church and ministry is concerned.

Opening the ceremony, the Provost of HCC, Professor Williams Atuilik expressed his heartfelt joy in what the two faculty members had done. He indicated that the primary goal of academia and a university for that matter is to search and add to knowledge as well as finding new ways of doing things. He also admitted that writing and publishing in academia requires dedication, commitment and sacrifices by individuals who wish to get started. Being motivated by the accomplishments of the two authors, Professor Atuilik encouraged all other faculty members, administrators, students and all members of the HCC community to endeavor to get into the evidence of scholarship that is, research and publications.

An Emeritus Professor of the School of Theology of Harding University, USA, Prof. Evertt Huffard, who was the keynote speaker at the occasion stated that “We need to leave things better than we found them.” Thus, he believes the two projects is evidence of connecting the abstract to the practical. Professor Huffard encouraged all students to make good use of the library facilities available to them in search of knowledge to make life better.

In his closing remarks, President of the university, Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah, also congratulated the authors for a good work done and outlined that knowledge keeps evolving thus, all must be keen in supporting and contributing to knowledge in order to impact future generations, hinting that some other HCC community members are in the process of publishing their books.