HCC 6th Matriculation


An Emeritus Professor of Leadership and Missions from the Harding University, USA, Prof. Evertt Huffard has challenged students to look beyond just obtaining a degree and focus on maturing their whole being. Prof. Huffard was speaking at the 6th Matriculation of Heritage Christian College (HCC), an accredited university in Amasaman-Accra affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Speaking on the theme “The Value of a Christian University Education,” Prof. Huffuard noted that, “Making the choice to attend HCC and continuing to decide to stay to a successful completion of the fourth year will begin with the realization that you came here to get more than knowledge and a degree. Your success here depends on your desire to grow and mature into the person God gave you the potential to become—spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. This is the path to greater human potential that will exceed your highest expectations. On this day of matriculation, also decide to make every effort to multiply the gift God is putting into your life today.”

Prof. Evertt Huffuard charged the students to “Look at these four years as a gift from God to double your relational skills, competencies, knowledge, and spiritual gifts. It will bring you—and everyone who serves at this school—joy to see you on the day of graduation. Our shared Christian values will bring even greater joy to our Creator, if your transformation at HCC will lead to a time when God will evaluate the path you took, the sacrifices you made, the values you incorporated in your life to say to you “well done, good and faithful servant.””

In all, 113 students were presented for matriculation, comprising 76 males and 37 females. By nationality, 2 are Nigerians, 1 is from Equatorial Guinea and the rest are Ghanaians. They would pursue Bachelor of Business Administration (with options in Human Resource Management, Accounting, Marketing, Business Information Technology Management, Banking and Finance; Bachelor of Information Technology and Bachelor of Theology. The degrees are awarded by KNUST.

The President of the university, Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah stated that, “What sets Heritage Christian College apart is the fact that we are primarily defined by the mission of Christ which seeks to transform the spiritual and physical aspects of human life to the Glory of God. Here at HCC, teaching, learning and lifestyle of all the constituents – especially faculty, staff and students – are inspired, guided and carried out in line with the mission of Christ. Our philosophy of education is therefore based on the emulation of distinctive Christlike values, such as, Respect for Authority, Discipline, Integrity and Compassion.”


He observed that, “Over the past three years, we have produced ethical and entrepreneurial graduates who we believe are deploying just and morally upright means to provide creative solutions to problems within their spheres of operation. I was particularly humbled by an appraisal made by the supervisor of one of our recent graduates who is doing his national service duties in one of the reputable banks in Accra. According to her, the stellar performance and excellent professional etiquette demonstrated by this graduate in question made him a subject of discussion at the management level; and the best part is that he already has a contract with the bank – pending the completion of his national service. I have no doubt that in a few years to come, graduates from HCC would be the most sought after human resource for organizations, both within and outside the country.”

Source: Heritage Christian College