Centre for Professional Studies Holds 4-Day Fruit Processing Training

The Centre for Professional Studies (CPS)of Heritage Christian College, in collaboration with School of Agriculture, University of Cape Coast (UCC), has held a four-day Fruit Processing Training programme for farmers, entrepreneurs and fruit enthusiasts from all walks of life. The training, which ran from September 5th to September 8th, 2023, provided valuable insights and hands-on experience in the field of fruit processing, with a focus on enhancing participants’ knowledge and skills in this dynamic industry.

Participants engaged in hands-on activities such as fruit selection, cleaning, and cutting. They also learned about the various methods of preservation, including canning, freezing, and drying. Quality control and hygiene in processing facilities were emphasized throughout the training, ensuring that participants gained a thorough understanding of maintaining product safety and quality.

The training also delved into the art of value addition and product development. Participants explored innovative ways to create new and exciting fruit-based products, such as fruit yogurts, fruit-flavoured snacks, and fruit-infused beverages. Instructors shared insights on market trends, consumer preferences, and branding strategies, helping attendees envision the potential for their own fruit processing ventures.

The participants were also through business and marketing strategies in the fruit processing industry. Experts shared insights on business planning, funding opportunities, and navigating regulatory requirements. Participants also learned about effective marketing strategies, packaging, and distribution channels to help them launch their fruit processing businesses successfully.

One of the highlights of the training was a visit to a local fruit processing facility, where participants had the opportunity to witness first-hand the machinery and processes involved in transforming fresh fruits into a wide range of products, from juices and jams to dried fruits and fruit concentrates.

The training program concluded with a certificate ceremony, where participants received recognition for their dedication and commitment to learning. Many participants expressed their gratitude for the valuable knowledge and practical skills they had acquired during the four-day training, with some already planning to implement their newfound expertise in their existing businesses or start-ups.

Mr. Kwaku Adu Nuamah, the Executive Director of CPS, expressed his delight in the training, adding that the CPS is thrilled with the positive response to the Fruit Processing Training programme.