Heritage Organizes Leadership Training for Administrators & Faculty

In a bid to enhance the skills and capabilities of its administrators and faculty, Heritage Christian College has organised a four-day training programme focusing on Corporate Governance, Effective Leadership in Management & Administration, Team Building, and Communication Skills. The training was aimed at empowering the university’s staff with the tools necessary to excel in their roles and contribute to the institution’s growth and success.

The training was delivered by Mr. Samuel Kumi Ayim, CEO of the Centre for Transformational Leadership in Africa. He provided valuable insights and practical strategies to equip attendees with essential skills and knowledge.

The 4-day training programme featured the following modules:

  1. Corporate Governance

Mr. Ayim shed light on the principles and practices of effective governance, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. The participants gained a deeper understanding of governance frameworks, compliance, and risk management strategies tailored to the university environment.

  1. Effective Leadership in Management & Administration

Participants explored various leadership principles, strategies for motivating teams, and the importance of strategic planning. Through interactive workshops and case studies, participants honed their leadership skills and learned how to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

  1. Team Building

Participants engaged in team-building activities, problem-solving exercises, and discussions on building cohesive and high-performing teams. The training emphasised the importance of fostering a collaborative atmosphere among faculty and staff.

  1. Communication Skills

Mr. Ayim emphasised the importance of effective communication as a cornerstone of success in any organisation. Participants learned techniques for clear and persuasive communication, active listening, and conflict resolution. Mr. Ayim noted that the skills would help faculty and administrators communicate more effectively with students, colleagues, and external stakeholders.

Dr. Christopher Akwaa-Mensah, the Registrar of the University, expressed his satisfaction with the training program, stating, that the training programme equipped all participants with the necessary skills to excel in their given roles and contribute to the university’s growth and excellence.