Heritage hosts 2nd edition of Impact Week

For the second consecutive year, Heritage Christian College is hosting Impact Week where design thinking takes center stage to foster creativity and innovation. This one week-long exercise brings together creative minds,and in-depth design thinking enthusiasts to explore and address pressing challenges through a human-centric lens. From reimagining sustainable urban spaces to revolutionizing education and healthcare accessibility, the event showcases the transformative power of design thinking in shaping a better future.

The first three days is dedicated for the Train the Trainer sessions, where 30 International Coaches join forces together to train 21 local coaches on how to use design thinking to solve problems. Later in the event, 150 participants, mainly students of Heritage will be taken through the process of design thinking to recreate actionable solutions to problems from 13th-16th November, 2023.

As the Impact Week unfolds, it not only inspires innovation but also underscores the pivotal role of design in tackling complex global issues, leaving a lasting imprint on the landscape of creative problem-solving as renowned experts share insights on the latest trends in design thinking, encouraging participants to push boundaries and think outside the conventional framework.