Heritage Christian College Donates to Dam Spillage Victims at Mepe

A delegation from Heritage Christian College, a University in Amasaman, Accra, undertook a compassionate mission to Mepe in the Volta Region to donate essential items to victims affected by the Akosombo dam spillage.
Mepe is one of the most affected communities with over 1500 displaced persons.

The delegation, led by the Registrar of the university, Dr. Christopher Akwaa-Mensah,
included selected members of the Executive Committee, Admissions Office, Media and Public Affairs and the SRC.

The Registrar of Heritage Christian College, Dr Christopher Akwaa-Mensah, speaking on behalf of the university, highlighted the university’s commitment to compassion and community, emphasizing how these core values motivated the initiative to support victims of the dam spillage.

Items Donated included:
1,000 exercise books
400 pens
200 bags of sachet water
30 mattresses
30 blankets
150 bags of rice (5kg)
150 bottles of oil (1 litre)
150 packs of tomato paste (400g)
4 boxes of mosquito coil (240 pieces)
20 bundles of toilet roll (140 packs in all)
10 packs of soft drinks (200 bottles)
3 boxes of biscuits (210 pieces)
10 bags of washing powder (400 packets)
Some used clothing

The total value of the items donated amounted to Ghc 40,000.

The team visited the St Kizito SHTS, the largest camp at Mepe. Additionally, they distributed items to a smaller camp on the opposite side of the flood, accommodating 30 members.

To ensure fair distribution, a list of 125 households, each with at least four members, was provided to the team. With the assistance of military personnel and camp coordinators, the team successfully distributed the items.

Prioritizing the most vulnerable, mattresses were allocated to pregnant and lactating women sleeping on bare floors. Approximately 10 pregnant and lactating women received mattresses, with the remaining distributed among others in need.

The heartfelt contributions from students, Staff and Faculty of Heritage Christian College, aimed to make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by the tragic events at Mepe.