Entrepreneurship Training

The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, and Ethics (CEPE) as part of their mandate to develop and nurture entrepreneurial skills, organised a business training for the Heritage community. Participants were equipped with skills to create businesses within hostile environments, and strategies for accessing debt financing for small business ventures.

In addition to the core entrepreneurial skills, the program placed a significant emphasis on strategies for accessing debt financing, which is often a major hurdle for small business ventures. Participants learned about different types of debt financing options available, how to prepare effective loan applications, and how to manage financial resources efficiently to ensure the sustainability and growth of their businesses. Experts shared insights on building a credible credit history, understanding interest rates and repayment schedules, and navigating the financial landscape to secure necessary funding. Through this training, CEPE aims to create a supportive ecosystem for emerging entrepreneurs, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to succeed in their business endeavors. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals within the Heritage community to become self-reliant, contribute to economic development, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship and ethical business practices.

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