Leaders of African Methodist Episcopal University, Liberia Visit Heritage Christian University College for a Familiarization Tour

In an effort to strengthen academic collaborations and share best practices, a delegation from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Liberia visited Heritage Christian University College (Heritage) for a familiarization tour. The AMEU team included their President, Provost, Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration, and External Affairs Officer. The visit marked a significant step towards fostering academic excellence and enhancing educational strategies between the two institutions.


The AMEU delegation was warmly received by the Executive Committee of Heritage Christian University College. Throughout the tour, the visitors had the opportunity to meet with various departments within Heritage, engaging in fruitful discussions on a range of topics aimed at improving the quality of education.


Key areas of discussion included sharing best practices and strategies for academic excellence, knowledge exchange programs, and leveraging faculty expertise. The leaders from both universities explored opportunities for collaborative research, joint conferences, and student exchange programs that could benefit their respective student bodies and academic communities.


Heritage Christian University College, known for its commitment to holistic education and character formation, provided insights into its innovative teaching methodologies and community engagement initiatives. The AMEU delegation, representing an institution with a proud 25-year history and a student population of over 6000, shared their experiences and successes in fostering academic growth and development in Liberia.


The visit concluded with a mutual agreement to continue exploring collaborative opportunities that would enhance the educational experiences of students at both institutions. The leaders expressed their optimism about the potential for future partnerships that would leverage the strengths of both universities.


The familiarization tour underscored the importance of inter-institutional cooperation in advancing higher education in Africa. Both Heritage Christian University College and African Methodist Episcopal University remain committed to pursuing excellence in education and equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for societal impact.