Why Entrepreneurship

Why Entrepreneurship

Ghana needs more opportunities for people
If the economy of Ghana is to grow and provide more opportunities for all, it mus grow. Growth means more jobs, more jobs means less poverty and our graduates will help create those news jobs. There are opportunities that exist in current companies with in Ghana, however, not enough to absorb all good graduates. The consequence is that many of the best simply leave because they can, as they are indeed some of the best. They are not patient and they need to provide for their families. This loss of talent has a direct impact on the pace of growth in Ghana and West Africa.

To overcome this problem, we need entrepreneurs. Certainly, the government can provide some job opportunities. However, unless tax burdens rise to pay for these jobs there is a limit. In addition, economies and quality of life improvements is not best addressed by government but by the private sector. At a minimum, it needs to be a healthy partnership. Entrepreneurialism takes advantage of the motivation of certain people wish to take control of their lives and create opportunity. It assumes and drives towards a positive attitude to the economic goals of individuals.

Greed can be a motive for economic goals but it misses the mark. Entrepreneurs’ understand that economic goals need to be framed with in healthy motives; stewardship of opportunities we take advantage of, creating jobs for others, and eventually giving back to society, church, etc.

The education provided by HCC is experiential not “book smarts”
Traditionally education stimulates the accumulation of knowledge. Knowledge on its own produces no value not even for the possessor. Well thought out ethical action informed by knowledge produces value.
HCC graduates will have experienced their learning not just in the class room in innovative ways but will actually have the opportunity to practice and develop their own ideas under the guidance of mentors.

HCC will conduct competitions to encourage ideas that become entrepreneurial ventures. HCC has formed the CEPE to nurture these ventures and move them form prototype stage to emerging companies in the CEPE Incubator. The CEPE Incubator provides administrative, management and mentoring support to startup companies which will help the entrepreneur focus on market issues first and in time migrate form
the incubator into a standalone company.

HCC Graduates are prepared to be leaders and motivators of action
HCC culture is preparing leaders. Only leaders become innovators who create entrepreneurial ventures. We understand that many students will not create ventures and many will not want to. Many students will be focused on other agendas but HCC expects them to learn what a leader is, does and have the opportunity to develop the skill. HCC graduates are taught to be leaders in whatever context they
are in; society, church and home.